Welcome to Zappx, the most powerful power dialer.

2x your daily connection rate and Implement parallel calling in your cold calling.

Zappx helps you import lead lists and simultaneously dial 5 people at a time, filter out wrong numbers, automate voice mails, and connect call to live prospects


Cold Calling Outreach Problems

Power Dialing

dial up to 5 prospects at once and our software will route you to the first person that hangs up

Filtering & Automation

filters out wrong numbers, and automatically leaves voice mails

Local Presence

our software will rotate area codes to match the area code of the location of the prospect you’re calling

AI Enhanced

Automated call transcription, sentiment analysis, and call summaries powered by AI.

Realtime Analytics

Get instant feedback, foster friendly competition with live leaderboards, and analyze past data against current performance.


Cold Calls


Sales Closed


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Built by sales people for sales people

transforms your agency's outbound sales approach. With lightning-fast dialing capabilities, you'll effortlessly reach more prospects in less time.


Built by Sales People,
for Sales People


Alex Heiden.
Using Zappx we're able to make 50% more dials per day for less than any other dialer

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